Top Industries With Most Frequent Late-Paying Customers

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For most small businesses, the phenomenon of late payments is one of the biggest and most serious problems they can have. It can lead to negative cash flow and inhibit growth. When the problem gets severe enough, it can even threaten to outright kill a small business. Not surprisingly, the severity of the problem varies by industry. Some industries are much harder hit than others. Some have to deal with it as a chronic issue. Economic Sectors Most At Risk Energy and Utility Agriculture Commodities... Continue reading →

Business Advice You Should Ignore

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Being an entrepreneur, your family and friends will most likely try to give you advice on how to manage your business. There is a lot you have to think about as a business owner. You will need to consider budgets, social media, and store design just to name a few. Unfortunately, running your own business isn't easy, which means following the suggestions of your friends and family may not be a wise idea. It's best to leave that to professionals who have experience in the business world. Detailed... Continue reading →

Financing Business Growth: 4 Ways To Use a Business Cash Advance

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Companies can use a business cash advance for several purposes. It is important to evaluate individual business needs to determine which option is best. For example, a company with a lot of debt should focus on consolidating it. A business with more demand than supply should focus on expansion. Use the following suggestions. Expansion Use a cash advance to secure a lease for a larger building if more space is needed. When a business has more demand for inventory than what is on the shelves, it... Continue reading →

How to Create A Good Budget For Your Small Business

how to budget your business
Maintaining a budget is critical for the success of any small business. Yet, many business owners neglect or misunderstand budgeting, hoping that their small business’ finances will work themselves out on their own. The truth is that budgeting isn’t always easy, but it’s much better than trying to succeed without one. These tips can make the road to financial stability easier for you. Categorize all of your inflows and outflows All of your money should have a clear job. If you see that your... Continue reading →

Business Expansion Funding for Chiropractors: Ways to Grow Your Business

As a chiropractor, you are dedicated to helping people. At WG Financing, they are, too. They know that you can’t help your patients unless you have the necessary equipment to do so. Perhaps you’re just getting your chiropractic practice started and need business funding to get it off the ground. You'll be needing offices, furnishings, equipment, staff and so much more. Making your office as welcoming and functional as possible for your patients is a very important part of being an effective practitioner. On... Continue reading →