Franchise Financing Options for a Successful Start

Franchise Financing Options for a Successful Start Starting a franchise is a safe way to become successful. However, every normal business has money issues, which usually start at the time of the setup. There are finance franchise providers that serve all types of business owners. Whether you want to set up a Subway or Smoothie King business, know your lending options. For many starting business owners, banks are the first places they look for loans. Good credit is the most important quality... Continue reading →

Government Shutdown Forces Small Businesses….

Government Shutdown Forces Small Businesses to Seek Alternative Financing Just a few days into the U.S. government shutdown, small-business owners are already feeling the negative effects. Vital federal services that assist small business cash flow and capitalization requirements have been halted or curtailed. Until Congress agrees to fund these programs, the shutdown’s effects will only increase. Small Business Services Are On Hold Here are a few of the government services pertaining... Continue reading →

Getting a Business Loan When You Have Bad Credit

Getting a Business Loan When You Have Bad Credit You might have always dreamed of opening your very own business and being your own boss, but it can be nearly impossible to do so if you don't have any funds and don't have good credit. You might also be a business owner already who is having a hard time operating and staying open, and you might know that getting a business loan can help you survive. There are many reasons why you or your company could have bad credit, but regardless of the reason... Continue reading →

Alternative Small Business Loans driving San Diego to the next level

Alternative Small Business Loans driving San Diego to the next level Entrepreneurship is one of the greatest challenges in which an individual or group can gain an enormous amount of benefits. A part of the challenge is attaining enough funding to begin the process of the entire project. However, one may have a million dollar idea, but not enough capital or assets to fund their mission. Small business loans San Diego enables entrepreneurs to begin the process of achieving their goals by having... Continue reading →

Benefits of Alternative Financing

Benefits of Alternative Financing The words “alternative financing” often come with negative feelings in the business world, especially after many alternative business loans were accused of predatory practices during the 2008 financial crises. In fact, according to Forbes, some in the alternative loan business charged businesses between 70 and 90 percent annual rates on such financing. However, with increased safeguards, the growth of invoice factoring options and lower interest rates in the... Continue reading →