Merchant Cash Advance Explained

Merchant cash advances are fast sources of capital for small business owners. With the recent recession making credit harder to get, the merchant cash advance industry has seen explosive growth. Although premiums of more than 30 percent are common among merchant cash advance offerings, many companies find these advances valuable and convenient when financing needs arise. How Does a Merchant Cash Advance Work? To get a cash advance from a credit card merchant, a business exchanges a percentage... Continue reading →

Medical Equipment Financing vs. Medical Equipment Leasing: Pros and Cons

Most businesses and organizations in the medical industry cannot afford to purchase needed medical equipment outright. The practical alternatives to purchasing are financing and leasing. Medical equipment financing can be viewed as an investment that allows the organization to have full ownership of the device once they’ve met the loan obligation. Medical equipment leasing, on the other hand, provides the organization with much greater versatility over the long term. Advantages of Financing Consider... Continue reading →

Business Equipment Financing Helps in Hard Times

Buying Equipment for Your Business Many companies are in need of capital improvements to maintain or expand their business but simply do not have the capital to do so with. Companies have a number of different needs and, particularly when they are first starting out, limited capital to deploy to obtain this needed equipment. As such, they often turn to business equipment financing to fund their capital needs. Lenders to small businesses that need business equipment financing will typically... Continue reading →

Advantages of a Merchant Cash Advance

Advantages of a Merchant Cash Advance Those who own businesses realize that cash is king. If they do not have adequate funding to meet basic expenses, such as payroll or overhead, they might have no choice but to downsize their businesses or close their doors. Sometimes, businesses grow so quickly that their current capital cannot keep up with all the changes. Not all businesses receive approval for traditional bank loans, and if they do, the process may take weeks. Banking regulations require... Continue reading →

During Hard Times, MCA’s are Thriving

During Hard Times, MCA’s are Thriving What is an MCA? The letters MCA stands for "merchant cash advance." Merchant cash advance lenders loan money to small businesses and receive a percentage of the credit card sales. During hard times, small businesses need cash to stay in business. Banks and traditional financial institutions have tightened lending guidelines. The entrepreneurs are now turning to nontraditional lenders to finance their companies. The MCA loans are attractive because the... Continue reading →